Shady Tree Design Studio is based in Edmonton, Alberta and is an independent, self-contained design studio offering website design and development, graphic design, logo design, print design and photography. We are flexible, knowledgeable and professional. We want your brilliance to shine through with a unique and professional business presence leaf-end-03

Shannon Eyben is the design specialist at Shady Tree. She loves the design process, organizing disorganized things, and brainstorming over coffee. As a former marketing information supervisor at PCL (Canada’s largest contracting organization) Shannon gained valuable knowledge and skill. Her 20 years of design and business experience helped define the primary goal at Shady Tree – to Illustrate Your Brilliance. She has a Masters Certificate in Graphic Design from Sessions College for Professional Design.
Vince Eyben is the professional photographer for Shady Tree. He lives for the thrill of the photographic hunt and the creative ideas required for each design project. For Vince, significant building blocks of this creative process include writing, photographing and visualizing the finished product. The custom photography portion of Shady Tree offers a unique and personalized alternative to stock photography. It is Vince’s goal to capture your brilliance.

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